Our message to you

Welcome to Nippon Steel Rolls Corporation(NSR).

NSR, located in Kitakyushu-City, Japan, is one of the leading roll manufacturing companies in the world. 

In 1909, our company was established as the in-house roll manufacturer of Yawata Steel which is now known as Nippon Steel Corporation(NSC).
NSR is 100% owned by NSC and is still supplying rolls to our parent company. However, we have through the years expanded our business and currently supply our rolls also to many of the advanced rolling mills all over the world.

As frequently stated, 99% of steel products must be touched and shaped by rolling mill rolls which have significant influence and importance on the quality and cost of finished high level steel products.
We are very proud of our mission and commitment to manufacture and deliver on time rolls of the highest quality to our valued customers around the globe.

NSR’s defining characteristics are :

1. We concentrate on manufacturing high performance rolls which

    improve the quality of steel and reduce the total roll costs.

2. We constantly seek to improve the roll performance and strive to

    develop new technologies for the roll market of the future.

3. All of our products have been stringently tested in NSC mills and

    integrity of their performance is proven

    when we market them to other customers.

4. With the technical expertise accumulated throughout our history,

    we can provide the highest level technical services including those for

    both mill and roll shop operation depending on our customer’s

    requirements and individual needs. We pride ourselves on

    our reputation in the implementation and

    result of our rolls in operation.

5. All of our rolls are manufactured in our facility in Kitakyushu-City,

    Japan, under the strict quality guidelines, procedures

    and the supervision of our experienced technical staff.


We, Nippon Steel Rolls Corporation, believe with certainty in our ability to always be the world leader in the roll market and look forward to working together with you.

Makoto Fujino
Nippon Steel
Rolls Corpoaration

46-59 Nakabaru, Tobata-ku, Kitakyushu-city, Fukuoka 804-0002 Japan
TEL +81-93-872-7108 FAX +81-93-872-6465