Testing and Inspections

We have all equipment and devices necessary for inspections and testing.
We have developed on line grinder Ultrasonic Inspection Machines, which efficiently detects harmful defects without affected by the small change in magnetization of rolls.
Such machines are available to be supplied to our customers.

Inspection Item


Chemical Composition Analysis

Optical Emission Spectrometer, Leco meter


Shore D Scale, HLD and HLE

Residual Stress

X-Ray Residual Stress Equipment

Ultrasonic Inspection

After Rough Machining
・4-channel automatic Inspection machine
Final (before shipment) Inspection
・8-channel automatic Inspection Machine on grinder

Outline of Ultra Sonic Test

For quality assurance of shell, we carry out following 4 kind Ultra Sonic Test. The effective inspection thickness of each method is deference.

Surface wave
Creeping wave
Dual probe wave
Straight wave

effective inspection thickness is from surface to about 0.3mm.
effective inspection thickness is from just under surface to about 10mm.
effective inspection thickness is from about 3mm to about 20mm.
effective inspection thickness is deeper than 20mm.

Surface wave and creeping wave are carried out by automatic ultrasonic test.
Dual probe wave and straight wave are carried out by manual ultrasonic test.

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