Hot Strip Mill Rolls

   In the last twenty years, under the constant request for
   stricter acceptance criteria of rolled product, the technical
   innovations of work rolls in Hot Strip Mills have been focused
   on the application and the improvement of HSS (High Speed  
   Steel) rolls. NSR has taken the initiative in the development
   of HSS materials and are proud that we are the world’s
   leading manufacturer of HSS work rolls.


Our HSS rolls have provided every customer with significant improvement in roll performance and substantial decrease in roll cost while resulting in far less fluctuation in the profile and greatly improved surface roughness of the rolled products.
We are supplying HSS rolls to the most advanced Hot Strip Mills in Asia, North America and Australia as well as in Japan, and their performance has been proven in every type of mill such as pair cross mill, CVC mill and CSP mill.

The following materials are available for each finishing stands.

1) Front stands work rolls
    Two types of HSS rolls are available; CPC (Continuous Pouring Process for Cladding) rolls and CF
    (Centrifugally Cast) rolls.
    CPC rolls are by far the best HSS material as they include the largest amount of alloying elements by the
    special cladding process which results in the least wear and the least oxidation.
    Both our CPC HSS and CF HSS rolls are valued highly for their anti-wear and anti-surface roughening 
    characteristics in their best fit application.

2) Middle stands work rolls
    In middle stands CF HSS rolls are mainly used and have been highly valued as having both anti-wear and
    anti-incident characteristics.

3) Rear stands work rolls
    We have mainly two types of materials; Graphite semi-HSS which greatly improves performance compared
    with Enhanced Carbide (Conventional) ICDP and Graphite HSS which is the improvement on Graphite
    The performance of Graphite semi-HSS has proven better than Enhanced carbide by 50%.
    The performance of Graphite HSS has proven better than Graphite semi-HSS by 100%. 
    NSR can propose the most suitable rolls to the customers having considered the customer’s individual rolling

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