Plate Mill Work Rolls

NSR has an extensive supply records of Plate Mill Work Rolls to Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Plate Mills. Each mill has its own product mix and rolling conditions, which made NSR the leading manufacturer able to supply the best suited Plate Mill work rolls having considered mill construction and rolling conditions.

NSR has three types of ICDP roll materials.
They are anti-incident type, anti-wear type and one having a combination of both characteristics.
Depending on the product and operation conditions the most suitable material can be selected.

Furthermore our leading technology innovation of shell material make it possible to apply graphite semi-High Speed Steel, which wears significantly less than conventional ICDP rolls.

With respect to the maximum size we can manufacture rolls with barrel length up to 5,000mm and up to sixty five tons in weight.
The shell material is horizontally cast to maintain uniform shell thickness and hardness.

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